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Compass Endurance Coaching, LLC.

Welcome to Compass Endurance Coaching, LLC. Are you looking to run a new personal best time, train for your first 5K or half marathon, or simply run for fitness? As an experienced runner, triathlete, and advisor, I will help you achieve your goals while using proven training methods and strategies.

I offer a range of services to enable you to achieve your running and triathlon goals. My programs are geared towards athletes who want to take their fitness and performance to the next level.

Whether you want a one-time custom training plan or comprehensive personal coaching, I provide services to fit your needs and budget.
If your goal is to run your first 5K, improve your marathon race times, finish your first trail race, compete in an Ironman triathlon, or something in between, together we can achieve your goals.

Contact me today to learn more. Compassendurancecoaching@gmail.com.


Shellhamer Ultra Endurance Coaching

Coach Troy Shellhamer has competed at an elite level nationally for over a decade, competing in over 80 ultramarathon distance races in his career. Winning races from 5k to 100 miles and tackling FKTs along the way to push his personal limits, he has dedicated himself not only to training, but to studying the science of running, kinesiolgy and nutrition. Prior to starting his coaching career, he ran sports nutrition clinics and he believes in coaching holistically, looking at all variables that affect race day performance including heart rate, hormones, and pacing science. His coaching mantra is “Maximize Your Potential”. In keeping with his holistic approach, he balances subjective and objective data, teaching his clients the benefits of heart rate as well as running by feel. His clients have won distances from trail marathons to one hundred mile runs, but more important than placement, his clients reach their goals, be it a podium or beating the time cuts to finish their first fifty or one hundred mile run all while balancing the demands of life outside of running. His coaching plan offers unlimited phone and text contact, and he evaluates nutritional needs as well. Schedules are built weekly to optimize recovery. Whether you’re interested in coaching or just want to chat running, send him a message at Shellhamer Ultra Endurance Coaching! Also, as a friend/partner of VO2 Multisport, please use coupon code “VO2” for races Troy directs (Backside Trail Marathon, Hillbilly Half) for an added discount! ShellhamerCoaching@Gmail.com 502-298-7788


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