It’s been in the works for a long time but it is FINALLY here! VO2 Multisport has launched a brand new website tailored around the athlete in which it serves.

The website will serve many purposes. VO2 Multipsort teamed up with JL Designs Web Services to bring you, the athlete, a comprehensive resource that not only outlines VO2’s mission, products, and team members but it will also emphasize educational content, keep you up to date regarding various events through their integrated calendar, give you information about local coaches across multiple disciplines, and something they’ve not offered before…..ONLINE SALES!!!

That’s right, shortly after the launch of the website you will be able to book service appointments, bike fits (announcement coming soon about this!!), AND you will also be able buy products that include products from companies such as:

Tifosi Optics
Louis Garneau

….and many more. Not to mention VO2 apparel!

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